• ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN/ Preliminary Services, Research / Contracts

Discuss the requirements of the project and agree on a brief. Advice on procedures to be followed.

Prepare Architects Appointment and Agreement Documents.
The Client must supply the Architect with all necessary information concerning the legal, natural and financial status of the plot and the project to a undertaken.

Initial site visit by the Architect for appraisal of the plot and site conditions that will affect the design.

The Architect will identify any problems and advice the client accordingly. Also at this stage the client will be advised for the need of other consultants and specialist subcontractors.

Advance Payment (will be considered as first stage of Preliminary Drawings)
Preliminary Drawings and Presentation of Outline ProposalPreparation of Sketch design

Prepare drawings to illustrate the proposed solution to the clients brief.  The drawings will not be detailed but they will be sufficient enough to show what the Architects proposal.  It will be possible to see the general form and external appearance of the building, its disposition on site, internal functionality and space division.

If the outline Proposal does not correspond to the initial brief of the Client or the preliminary estimate of the cost exceeds by far the budget the Architect will prepare a second proposal.  For further proposals a mutual agreement for additional fees must be agreed.

Changes in the Design after this stage will result in abortive work and extra work.

Planning Permition Drawings

Building Permition Drawings




Coordination with the Structural Engineer for the production of the Structural Design Drawings and Production Catalogues based on the Architectural Drawings.

Incorporate structural design in Architectural concept and prepare the necessary drawings for Building Permission application.

The drawings will include all the drawings submitted for the Panning Permission and also additional Electro-mechanical drawings (drainage etc) boundary walls and structural design drawings.

Appointment of supervising Architect and Structural Engineer in accordance with the Law of Mandatory Supervision during Construction Works of 01/09/1999.





When the Building Permission is granted the final Detail Design and Specificationis prepared.

This includes in addition to the Building Permission drawings, all detailed construction drawings and specification as follows:

  • Metal works Detailing (internal and external railings, covers etc)
  • Wooden works (main entrance door, int. doors, cupboards, wooden pergolas etc)
  • Detailing for Toilet Bathroom, Kitchen Cupboards, Wardrobes
  • Floor Finishes Schedules (type, color, assembly methods and detailing specification)
  • Suspended Ceiling Schedules (type, color, assembly methods and detailing specification)
  • Opening Schedules (Door, windows, type, color, accessories, assembly methods and detailing specification)
  • Insulation Detailing and specification
  • General Detailing (Build in furniture, railings, staircases, wall cladding, perimeter-boundary walls, garbage stores, swimming pools, barbeque detailing)


Coordination with all design team consultants employed by the Client for the production information and detailed drawings. (Quantity surveyor, Structural Engineer, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers).

The Mechanical Engineer will design and document the Services that include Heating, Air Conditioning, and complex needs for Hot, Cold water and drainage.

The Electrical Engineer will design and document services that include, telephone systems safety systems, alarm systems and complex lighting systems

The Quantity surveyor will prepare a Bill of Quantities in accordance to the Architects instructions. He will also prepare the specifications as well as the building contract and go out to Tender.  The Q.S. will also prepare periodically certificates calculating the value of the work completed and submit them to the Architect.



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